Working Papers

Unemployment and the Stock Market when Households Lack Commitment -- with Mario Silva -- July 2019 -- a Mortensen-Pissarides model with a single twist: a limited commitment problem in the goods market. An aggregate demand channel arises that can lead to multiple equilibria and explains the positive co-movement in stock prices, unemployment and real interest rates.

Endogenously (Non-)Ricardian Beliefs -- with Emanuel Gasteiger -- March 2019 --multiple equilibria featuring both Ricardian and non-Ricardian outcomes impact inflation dynamics.

Statistical Sunspots -- with Bruce McGough and Mei Zhu -- May 2019 --belief-driven dynamics exist in determinate models.

Heterogeneous Expectations and Micro-foundations in Macroeconomics -- with Bruce McGough -- November 2016 --forthcoming Handbook of Computational Economics, vol. 4.

Heterogeneous Beliefs and Trading Inefficiencies -- with Bruce McGough -- December 2015--forthcoming Journal of Economic Theory

Financial Frictions, the Housing Market, and Unemployment -- with Nicolas    Petrosky-Nadeau and Guillaume Rocheteau -- May 2015 -- forthcoming Journal of Economic Theory

Unstable Inflation Targets -- with George W. Evans -- October 2014

Imperfect Knowledge, Liquidity and Bubbles -- July 2015 -- forthcoming Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Adaptive Learning, Endogenous Inattention, and Changes in Monetary Policy -- with John Carlson, George Evans, and Bruce McGough -- 2006, unpublished manuscript.